Spring 2012



March 12-17

The Lord is my light and my salvation-whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I be afraid?

Riverside Calvary Chapel

Each year new groups come down to serve in missions many hesitant because of the reports of  drug related violence and crime. Calvary Chapel Riverside has been coming to serve alongside Victor and Sonia faithfully for many years and are the home church of the Lee family.

It has been exciting to see groups grow larger and larger and yet our facility seems to be shrinking where we had to accommodate many in tents during a chilly spring. Definitely serving out of the comfort zone. This year Calvary Chapel Riverside has been actively raising money to support a large roof restoration project for Haciendo El Faro. This has been huge project and is near completion due to their faithfulness and this time they were actually able to participate in the work as well as an outreach to the community complete with a brincoline which is a bouncy castle provided by 2 little girls that gave up their birthday money to bless other children. It is always a priority to be able to visit the different orphanages that they have visited in the past  such as the youth girls of El Faro Rancho and City of Angles and yet reach further into newer territories such as the mountains of the Cumguay sharing the love of Christ providing for basic needs and bringing joy to the children with  soccer balls an uniforms provided by the Ens family along with carnival games  drama skits and the encouragement of the Word of God.  There are those few faithful groups that are not swayed by the news and walk by faith bringing their families with them to serve and it is always great to be reunited with friends each year encouraged by their steadfastness their love of the Lord and how it is shown towards others.


March 17-23

CC Palouse

Sojourners was blessed to come alongside C.C Palouse Washington for a missions trip to Baja South. Sojourners participates with co-ordination, translation and driving to many of these small towns with established relationships with supporting churches for all of these outreaches and ministry events. The start of the tip was an out reach at Palo Verde with Miguel from rancho El Faro leading worship and a passionate  message shared by pastor Dave Couldle where 12 people came to the Lord were it was almost audible to hear angels rejoicing.

From there they continued on to San Bruno sharing at the church Rosa  de Saron where many rededicated their lives to the Lord with a new commitment.   Many of these little churches are part of a net work of Pastors that have been participating in the Vizciano Pastors Conference sponsored by Cornerstone Nappa Valley and have received encouragement and support of Sojourners missions though the many visits over the years. It is always a blessing to see pastor Freddy being encouraged as we seek to encourage.  From church they travelled again to the Island of San Marcos where pastor Freddy faithfully supports one family as they host a weekly  home bible study.  The studies are growing as 2 people received the Lord that night. The group continues on the monday to the mountains called Santa Agueda to visit an orphanage altho many were vacationing and visiting relatives. An Outreach was held supported by the Mayor inviting the community to this event. Many lives came to the Lord and we praise the Lord to hear that they are doing a weekly bible study known this town. From here to Santa Rosalia  to visit Pastor Ezequiel  encourage his family as he ministers to this community. We were blessed to be able to leave behind soccer balls and uniforms  to many of the communities we visited sent by  Carl Ens and family from Canada who came with Riverside Calvary Chapel in March.

Continuing on to Baja Asuncion a fishing town on the Pacific Coast to do a bible study in the home of Antonia and Emma where by faith this group grew as 2 more people came to the Lord.   Back near Vizciano they proceeded to go to the dump where families are now working to collect items to sell.  Church was set up amidst the trash giving out life giving water of the the word as well as clean food drink and clothing to the families that are now working here. We continue to pray for these families and look for future opportunities and provision to be able to continue to share with them the love of Christ and provide for their needs.  The trip concluded again in Baja Torugas  with pastor Eber and members of his church participating in bible studies, worship, and blessed fellowship that always includes fish tacos preparing for the 10 hour drive back to Rosarito. It was a fruitful  trip.

April 8-14

CC Woodland

Spring break in the US brings many youth wanting to participate in missions. We were blessed to have our good friend Pastor Gary and his group from CC Woodland for four full days of ministry. Having youth visit the orphanages is always a fresh break for the directors as they have the energy and stamina to be able to really play with the kids with a full day at Reaching the Vision. From there they went to the youth girls orphanage at El Faro Rancho doing manicures with the girls making bracelets putting on skits puppet shows and sharing encouragement in Christ. Day three we ventured through the mountains to the Cumguay Indians to participate in repairing the churches ceiling and giving it a new coat of fresh paint. The group again had another long journey the following day to do an outreach at the Ejido Zaragosa an answer for the local pastor who has been wanting to do an outreach for a long time. It is not an easy thing to be able to reach an minister in poor communities without support and the  groups coming really contribute to the building of the body of christ through these outreaches. The sky of the outreach held back long enough to bless the community with testimonies, dramas, puppet shows, carnival games and the word of God.  It is tempting to feel discouraged by the few numbers but when almost half step forward to receive the Lord we rest in confidence in Gods perfect plan. As the sky opened with a down pour the church prepared a delicious lunch for all who participated. We are so blessed by their generosity and Love.


April 20- 22

Capillo Calvario de Napa Valley

What a blessing and honour for Sonia to be invited by CC Napa Valley to share at their first Spanish women’s retreat.  The theme for the study was from Isaiah 35:8-9 ” The Road to Holiness”. It was a small group of 18 beautiful women with warm hearts extending grace and hospitality .  It was a wonderful time of mutual edification drawing closer to the Lord and each other through this study with hopes of other opportunities to continue this as an annual event with this group of  exceptional women.


April 27-29

CC Pomona Valley

This is the second year CC Pomona Valley hosted a mens retreat in Rosarito  with Sojourners assisting in the co-ordination and support of this event. Many men travelled from Mexicali, Tecate, Tijuana, Rosarito, Vizciano, Tortugas ( a 10-14 hour drive!) The men were blessed  to hear the message from Joshua 24:15 “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord”. Pastors George Maldonado, Claudio, Victor Mayoral  Javier Santiago and Fernando Ceballos all shared encouragement to these  65 men. Sojourners also coordinated and  prepared all the food for these men for the three day event making sure that they not only fed the word but delicious meals to comfort them and be filled.   It is a powerful thing to witness a room full of men pouring their hearts out for their families drawing closer to the Lord with hearts of praise for what God has shown them through these days. Thank you Pomona Valley for your commitment and faithfulness to the men of Mexico and sponsoring this event.


June 2

CC Pasedena

In a small community of the valley of Guadelupe the town of   El Porvenir was blessed by a medical outreach sponsored by CC Pasadena who have been dedicated to doing three medical outreaches per year in Mexico as well as  their outpouring of blessings during the christmas season.  Sojourners participates with many weeks of prayer with many of the the community prior to the event. Days prior we convoy out into the surrounding ranchos for a full day of handing out hundreds of invitations. During the event  it is always a privilege to be able to share what God has provided with the body of christ supplying the PA chairs, speakers, tables, whatever we have to support such a great event.  Medical support consists of triage where  each person is assessed and directed to the various supporting physicians such as dentists massage therapists, cardiologist, optician and general practitioners and nurses that attend to the people. Many of the adults received reading glasses and the line for the dentist seemed never ending as many adults and children received necessary extractions due to long standing neglect and lack of funds to be able to care for themselves. It was inspiring to see these professionals adapt to providing care in less than usual circumstances with long line ups at each station.  There was also distribution of needed medicines and vitamins for those treated. On the lighter side there was face painting and hairstyling station with puppets shows, food and games. The word of God went out to those during the event as encouragement and reminder that every blessing comes from the Father.

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