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Feb~  Sojourners Prima Tapia

Now begins a new season for us that we are all excited about as we recently obtained the keys to our new missions base in Prima Tapia. We look forward to having you come and serve in this next leg of the mission and suggest you look at the current needs page for on going building project ideas you may want to participate in.

Our website is changing . Due to the number of visitors and continual inquiries we have decided to post the majority of images on our new Facebook page  ” Sojourners Mission” where we will be able to post promptly for all to see. Our problem is we just have so many great photos that Facebook allows us to share a lot more without slowing the viewing of our website. We invite you to join  our group and keep up with our constantly changing news.

Jan 26 ~ Monrovia and City of Angles

City of Angeles Orphanage received 1st time  visitors from Calvary Chapel Monrovia.  Both group and children made a quick connection as they got to know each other while having bible studies, craft time and lunch. The group was excited as they were touched by the hearts of these beautiful children, and now desire to make monthly trips to visit their new friends. A last treat before the group left was ice cream for everyone, enjoyed by the children and the adults as well.  God’s love had been clearly expressed as the children were sad to see the group leave.

John 13:34-35 ~  “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Baja South Christmas

Anualy now we have been able to visit Baja south each year shortly after Christmas. In total there are about 500 children we hope to provide for and this begins in September. Each year our faith is stretched as December rolls around and charitable giving reflects the current economy. Doubt knocks at the door but we continue on in faith astounded by God every year we set out to do this.  By  January the flood gates have opened and we begin once again to load the truck to bless the kids of Baja Sur. Each place we went to there was a play consisting of several vignettes showing the Love of the father how He  so carefully thought of each child to provide through many different people and show his infinite care for them. In a three day whirl wind we provided gifts to Bonfil, Palos Verdes, San Bruno, Santa Rosalia,  Vizcaino and Tortugas.  Seeing through the eyes of a child that moment  they realize that God really thought about them that there is a gift with their name on it  that they are loved beyond what they see , it is that moment when hope is visible in the heart of a child is truly an amazing thing to witness. So from grateful hearts we say thank you and God bless all who participated in this event.

Vizciano Leaders Conference 

Once again immediately following our Christmas outreaches to the communities  we were privileged to participate in the Leaders conference sponsored by Cornerstone Ministries of Napa Valley, the founding visionary for this ministry.  The heart to build up and support the leaders of Baja Sur is a continually growing  with more an more coming to participate in this great event of teaching and edification.

Bible Teaching: The book of 1 & 2 Thessalonians

The speakers for the conference were:

Pastor Bill Waldon (Cornerstone Ministries of Napa Valley)

Pastor John Lukas (Calvary Chapel Foothill,  Shingle springs)

Pastor Sam Scotti  (Genesis Church, Upland)

Pastor Gerson Hermandez (La Semilla,  Santa Ana)

Pastor Mike Vincent (CC Rosarito, Baja Mexico)

Pastor Joe Carillo (CC North Long Beach)

Translators:  Victor Mayoral and Fransico Nunez

Worship:  Meisha Brown, The Gutierrez Brothers and Obed Quintero

Childcare: Sonia Mayoral (Sojourners Missions)  Helpers:  Lisa (Washington)

Olivia (CCEl Monte), Lori (Texas)

Workshops:  Marriage by Jeff and Bonnie Johnson

Food Prep: Genesis Church, Upland

This was an incredible time for all who attended.


Missions Conference

We would like to thank God along with  Cornerstone Ministries of Napa Valley and  Calvary Chapel Santee for sponsoring us to attend this years Missions Conference.

As with every year, we received much encouragement to continue the work of our Father as missionaries to the Baja, also to fellowship and see missionaries from all over the world was edifying and a blessings.

Joshua 1:9:  “Here is what I am commanding you to do. Be strong and  brave. Do not be terrified. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go.”


Dec 26 -Jan 4  ~  Happy New year!  ~  Cornerstones visit

What a great way to ring in the new year with our family from Cornerstones. Our week began with a wonderful opportunity to take all the kids from one of the orphanages to see a movie. These are rare outings and all of the kids enjoyed it, not to mention the pizza and time to just hang out doing street dancing called “Hey Sally Walker”.

Our visit at Rayitos de Luz y Esperanza one of the newer soup kitchens and casa hogars we have been participating with, was a blessing all around. Many hearts were left behind after a full day of fellowship with the kids.

There are many highlights to the time spent here, especially our visit to the dump in Las Palmas near Tecate, to do an outreach. It is hard to fully describe the level of heartache you feel for these souls who scrape through filth for their needs. Especially hard to see the children living in these conditions. We shared food, clothing and the Gospel and one man gave his life to the Lord.  Many lingered because of the warmth and hope they felt from the group.

Sojourners Mission has acquired a new building in Prima Tapia, able to host larger groups. We began some work cleaning, painting, repairing drywall and getting the place up and running. This is a great opportunity for others to be involved on the ground level of the next steps for Sojourners Mission, with this expansion and with a new community we can serve.  Gracias a Dios!  We snuck in other visits to Catherine’s Children’s home, a special needs facility and to Siempre, a baby orphanage, to get vision for serving in the future. The group was a great help to us co-ordinating the gift lists for our Baja south trip at the end of this month, where we gave 400 gifts to the communities there. It takes many hands and we are so grateful for all who are involved in this endeavour.

We rang in the new year with fireworks and a bonfire on the beach. It was a chilly week for the group, all of them fighting existing colds, yet they served faithfully, rejoicing through the circumstances, thankful for all they have and the opportunity to serve.


December 14-16

Leading up to Christmas is always busy but exciting to see how God is at work providing for people in need. Each year CC Pasadena comes to do a large outreach in Porvenir, bringing gifts, and the blessing of many talented servants. These events are always a huge blessing to families that often cannot provide that one gift for their children, and they are ministered to with worship, the Word, lunch, and many activities for their children to enjoy.



December 14-16

We are continually blessed to serve alongside CC El Monte, first stopping in at Ninos de Baja orphanage in Porvenir.  This orphanage is extremely well run, with sufficient support coming in that gives us a vision of what all others could look like given enough help.  The group later trekked up to the mountains to visit the Cumguay Indian village. God is doing an amazing work!  Many of the men in the community came out this time for fellowship and teaching. Both the adults and children enjoyed the message and it was a fruitful event with both children and men stepping forward in faith.


December 8  ~   CC New Beginnings La Puente

Let the children come to me was the theme for this weekend.

Our group arrived late on the Friday and spent their time preparing for the following busy day. In the morning we were off to La Gloria to visit Rayitas de Luz y Esperanza orphanage, a newer casa hogar that we have come along side. There is a notable heart here to have the children behave and participate along with show respect and manners, which was such a blessing for us to serve them. We had sister Silvia, a national, prepare tamales for all of the children with chapurado as a treat… comfort foods for these little guys.  We spent our time just playing with the kids followed by lunch and a story. About 15 kids made a decision to serve the Lord. Gloria a Dios!

In the afternoon we raced off to Morales where this same group did an outreach before, and many had come to the Lord. This time the event was mostly children and mothers. The few men that were there boldly stepped forward in faith as well as many mothers and their children. On Sunday the group left very early in the morning and we were happy to report later, that 15 people who attended the event the day before, came to church that day.


November 30 – December 1 ~ CC Santee

Calvary Chapel Santee has been a missions minded church and long time supporters of  the work of the Mayoral’s, so it was very special to be able to serve again with these friends.  For a short 2 day mission, this group of families as well as youth, with the support of Tony’s leadership, visited an orphanage we have just begun to bring groups to called Rayitos de Luz. This is a very poor orphanage that when asked what their greatest needs are they simply said food. This poor orphanage runs a Comedore as well, which is a soup kitchen for those needing help, so with what they have they try to help others… this is the heart we should all have! The group spent some time playing with the kids and many of them were hanging off the fences not wanting them to go.

The following full day was spent at City of Angels orphanage. There are many new children there and they all enjoyed a Christmas play, highlighting the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Saviour. Throughout the day they played soccer, bingo, did crafts and face painting, and prepared a lunch of hamburgers for all of them… a special treat.  Each night during a time of worship and sharing, we would hear their heart of how they have been impacted by the children they visited.


November 16-18  ~  Men’s Conference Vizciano

In November, Calvary Chapel Vizcaino hosted their 1st men’s retreat.  This was an answer to a long awaited prayer request. It was a blessing not only for Sojourners Mission to participate, but also thankful for Calvary Chapel El Monte, Calvary Chapel Pomona Valley and Cornerstone ministry for all their participation.  There were wonderful and edifying messages from local Baja churches, Pastor  Ezequiel Trasviña from Santa Rosalia, Pastor Fernando from C. C. Vizcaino and a Pastor from the U.S., Pastor Archie Corrales from Last Chance Ministry.  It was great to see hands lifted up as the men worshipped the Lord with their singing, and Miguel from Rancho El Faro, Rob and Christian Lee did worship.

Also a part of this trip to Baja South is always to visit, edify, and pray for our christian brothers in Bahia, Tortugas, Isla Natividad, Isla San Marcos, San Bruno, Santa Rosalia and Bonfil.



1 Tim 3:16-17  ~  “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,  so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

November 2-10  ~  Missions trip to Costa Rica  ~  with C.C. Pomona Valley

What a blessing to be invited by C.C Pomona Valley to go on a missions trip to Costa Rica.

We came along side Calvary Chapel Selah in Costa Rica as well as missionaries Victor and Nichol. The group of 16 adults participated in outreaches, street witnessing, orphanage visitation, and helping out with construction projects at YWAM.

Fellowship with Victor & Nichol Mejia,  Pastor Jose Carrasco, his family, and the family in Christ, was also encouraging and a blessings as the unity of Christ brought us all together in sweet koinonia.


November 1-2  ~  Calvary Chapel Monrovia

C.C. Monrovia minister in Mexico on a regular basis, from Tijuana to some of our ministries here in Rosarito. We Spent the morning visiting C.C. Rosarito, to show them the work that God has accomplished in a short time with their new building. After that, we were off to visit City of Angels and Alcansando La Vision for time of prayer, to see where future ministry can take place.  It is amazing how in such a short period of time we can be knit together in unity for the same purpose, to share the gospel and the love of Christ. We look forward to many more opportunities to serve with them.


October 19-20

We welcomed a group from Calvary Chapel Bible college in Murietta, lead by Nathan Spinelli a youth that came with Calvary Creekside in the spring. So encouraging to see young people understanding the missions mind and wanting to inspire others. The group  had a visit with Alcansando la vision. Their energy and love of the Lord was inspirational and encouraging to all of us. We look forward to receiving them again in the future.




September 28-Oct 1 ~  Riverside Calvary Chapel 

This September we once again had Riverside Calvary Chapel, home of our hosting missionaries, returning for a second visit this year. What a blessing to have primarily all youth attending to serve at the orphanages.  Our first visit was at Rancho El Faro youth girls orphanage. There was some pampering with manicures, however many of the girls thought it funny to be painting the boys nails. “Minute To Win It” games and”Let’s Make A Deal” for prizes was a huge hit with the girls. Following lunch, a testimony was shared that touched many hearts, allowing the girls to really connect with one another… how important encouragement is! That is primarily the heart at Sojourners, to bring the encouragement and hope that is found in Christ Jesus. We were very encouraged indeed when a young girl gave her life to the Lord, and others received prayer.

The following day many of the youth visited a class at Calvary Chapel Bible College, tweaking their interest to further study as missionaries.  The afternoon was spent visiting “Reaching the Vision”, providing lunch, games and skits, with special cupcakes and manicures for the youth girls. Taking time out to connect youth with youth is so impacting for both, as many expressed that time evaporated and it was just too short of a visit.

The following day we all went to “City of Angles”, doing crafts, games, manicures, face paint and taking time to just hang out with each of the kids, giving them that one on one attention every child needs. We were grateful for the energy of the group providing much of the physical activity kids crave, and they could keep up even in the heat. A skit about Daniel and the lions den was a hit as well as “Lets Make a Deal”,  with every child receiving a personal gift bag in the end. Calvary Chapel Riverside’s heart is not just to bless the people they serve, but us as well, by supporting the ministry through regular visits, funding to contribute to the ongoing costs, and their support of the hosting missions family. The theme for the week was to be an encouragement and they certainly were to all of us. Gracias!

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