January 2011

Hebrews 1:3 The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful word.

Sojourners mission has been privileged to be able to serve alongside longstanding ministries and gracious servants of the Lord this past month.

Pastor Bill Walden from Napa Valley brought the musical group Efesis, a christian rock group, south to perform at outreaches in Vizcaino, Tortuga, San Francisco, De la Sierra, Santa Rosalia  and Bonfil.

The youth of Viscaino received their Christmas gifts supplied by CC Nappa Valley the supporting church for the vision of La Posada Viscaino.

Excellent teaching from Pastor Pete, and the youth were challenged with a workshop on purity.

Victor was happy to deliver gifts supplied by CC Pasadena for neighboring communities as well as serve as ministry support, driver and translator.

So powerful to see youth being impacted and supported with music relevant, yet filled with the spirit.

January 13 Sojournersmission delivered Christmas gifts to the children at Alcanzando la Vision supplied by Riverside Calvary Chapel. It is a long trek from Canada for these blessings but they made it and the children were thrilled. Each opportunity to visit the children in the orphanages deepens our relationships with them allowing us to disciple while serving. So touching to have little ones ask you to pray with them.

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January 14, We ventured into the mountains to visit the Cumguay Indian village bringing home made turkey soup (thanks! Robert Montanez CC El Monte) It was amazing that 2 pots fed everyone with even some left over.  Riverside Calvary Chapel along with Langley Meadows school were happy to send gifts down for us to share on their behalf. It was easy to see that these gifts were gratefully received by the smiles on the childrens faces

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January 15-22 Victor and Rob along with his son Christian headed south again to serve with pastor Jeff Stewart from Pomona Valley.  Pastor Jeff has been serving along the Baja for over ten years. This was a fruitful trip with many lives surrendered to the Lord. Ministry included puppet shows, theater skits, outreaches, teaching and worship in the migrant workers camps of Rancho Guadalupe and Rancho los Pinos, as well as the communities of Vizcaino, Tortuga,  and Santa Rosalia.

Services included driving, translation, ministry support, as well as partnering with Gary Goo from Vizcaino for worship where Rob and Christian participated.

Meanwhile back at the base Sonia and Cindy prepared to share at a woman’s conference at Semilla on January 22. Sonia shared on proverbs 31:10, “Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies?”

Cindy Lee our host missionary  shared on  1 Peter 1:13, “Be Holy for I am Holy”, an exhortation to the call of holiness. Both teachings were sobering and edifying.

Our month had been busy either completing work that we intended or committed to do or coming alongside others and sharing in the blessings that their ministries have been to the people of Baja Sur. The dedication of CC Pamona Valley and CC Nappa Valley is always an example and encouragement to us as well as those they serve.

We also acknowledge the generosity  from Robert Mantanez and his encouraging support of the work at Sojourners Mission which includes provision for many of the comedoras,  with additional Christmas boxes, as well as direct support to the mission that allows us to make these trips. Truly a blessing to be a trusted representative.

December 2010

James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from theFather..”

As the month of December progressed so quickly  so has the need as well as the provision. Many gifts to present but the greatest gift is the Salvation that only comes through Christ Jesus.

We were blessed this week by a small group from Burbank as well as Pastor Jeff Stewart from Pomona Valley. The group from Burbank so graciously provided for 40 plus children at  the Orphanage El Farro in Tijuana.   The children enjoyed a healthy lunch, great worship and teaching, puppet shows, and drama performances. It is worth it to see men of God being impacted for His people as well as the children shedding tears of joy reading heartfelt notes, grateful for the provision and Love that came through a strangers hands.

A visit to El Farro Rancho to visit the youth girls there sponsored by Pomona Valley. Love poured out to these young women in ways so important to maturing women though fellowship, music, manicures,  and make up as well as teaching, worship and an incredible barbecue filling every one mind body and soul.

Wonderful teaching from Pastor Jeff encouraging us that we can have peace with Christ no matter what takes place in our lives and this is our joy.

The girls presented a beautiful presentation upon receiving their gifts and then many, as was lead of the Lord, shared from the heart how special this visit truly was for them as many tears fell. It is a continual reminder to never under estimate the things we take for granted that can mean so much to those who often do without.

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Visitors and Travels

Many blessings have come this week and there is much to be thankful for as we watch continually how the Lord provides. We had a short visit from a friend in Canada who wanted to visit an orphanage as well as encourage our host missionary family. As we left to buy lunch for the kids for the following day we were stopped by friends of Theresa donating the exact amount we needed to provide lunch not knowing that we were taking rent money to purchase lunch in faith.

The Lord gives us exactly what we need.

Many blessings came with Theresa from Riverside Calvary Chapel in Langley , British Columbia in support of our hosting family. Fabric for curtains, toys and gifts for the children and a keyboard for the church in Tortuga  were among many supplies that the Lord blessed us with.

We had a great visit to  the orphanage “Alcanzando la Vision”.  We are blessed that Riverside Calvary Chapel is supporting this orphanage this Christmas, reflecting the Love of Christ through giving.

We look forward to many more guests visiting from Canada.

Our focus shifted to preparing for our visit to the Baja South to bring gifts to the children there. Each day the numbers of children would accumulate,  having us trusting  that the Lord would provide.

Again, our Lord as always, came through and additional funds were provided to cover these additional gifts.

Pastor Bill Walden from Cornerstone Ministries provided the Christmas gifts and blessings for  all of the children and youth  that attend Calvary chapel Vizcaino.

Troy and  Kelly, along with their 7 year old son Zach, came down from Placerville, (a 12 hour drive) bearing gifts and candies which Calvary Chapel Pacerville provided,  joining us for the trip south  for another 10 hour drive. The Pipe family and their home church have been faithful servants to the people of Mexico and are wonderful supportive friends. Such a blessing.

Over the next three days we would visit Vizciano, Tortuga,  Bonfil, San Bruno and Santa Rosalia,  bringing gifts for each of the stops, sharing the Word, worship, crafts,  food and fellowship with the children as well as their families of each of these churches.

It is humbling to be received so graciously and warmly by each of these communities. It is hard to put into words the great honor and privilege it is to be trusted to bring the Love that represents the body of Christ through the gifts they have provided.

If you could picture for a moment children standing holding their gift as if almost in shock that someone 2000 miles away would even care. Imagine then telling the story of a God that lived 2000 years ago who loves them that much that these gifts are from Him. A simple moment to reveal His love to them by practical service and Love that somehow made it very real.

So many little faces forever etched in our hearts.

One little girl who has the Joy of the Lord despite her circumstances who’s radiant face lit up the room with such joyful worship it brought tears to our eyes and hope for the work that is before us.

Young siblings parenting even  younger ones with such sweetness.

Sick little faces with runny noses and teary eyes fixated on their one and only toy with fascination and awe.

Little girls coming to church proudly wearing new dress up clothes complete with plastic shoes, bangles and drop earrings.

The humble home with cardboard walls that provides food (El Comedor) for hungry children throughout the week and the family that radiated joy that lived there was convicting and inspiring.

The silent tears that fell during prayer.

The beautiful creation of our surroundings that reflect his workmanship.

The Word that was shared, that was the confirmation needed.

The fourteen year old girl expecting her first child.

The drunken man that Victor shared the gospel with and the hope of the many seeds planted.

The moment of comfort between two mothers from different cultures and countries sharing the loss of their children and their Love of the Lord was such an example of a divine appointment of encouragement and fellowship.

The mix up of a name that was supposed to be for a girl that provided the exact toy to a boy who would not have received a gift at all this Christmas.

And so it was a wonderful time to minister, to see the Lord orchestrating so many details, to encourage, to serve and yet so illuminating of how much more there is to do. As the message shared was so timely  to “press on”, we will do just that…in faith…sharing the tender mercies of our wonderful Lord and Savior Christ Jesus with grateful hearts that we got to participate in His plan.

Just click on the image and enjoy a slide show.

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Vizcaino November 2010

Recently we journeyed to Vizcaino to survey the current needs in South Baja. We spent a wonderful evening worshiping the Lord with our brothers and sisters at Calvary Chapel Vizcaino. A message was presented by Rob Lee on John 14:6 , “I am the way, the truth, the life…” which was encouraging and edifying to all those that attended.

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Our journey progressed to Tortuga, arriving at Torre Fuerte woman’s conference. Many ladies traveled long distances to hear teaching on the “Mujer Virtuoso”,  Proverbs 31:10, taught by Sonia Mayoral, and a testimony presented by Cindy Lee on ” A wise woman builds her house”,  Proverbs 14:10.

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It was a packed house where 2 people gave their lives to serve the Lord and many repenting and rededicating their lives to the call of Holiness. This was such a blessed event to participate in.

This Church is also active in caring for their community through “Los Comedores” or soup kitchen for the children who often have little to eat when their parents are away at work.

This is such a beautiful ministry allowing the church to provide basic needs and care for families that need support.

From Tortuga we ventured back to Vizcaino and then on to San Bruno to see Pastor Freddie and the work he is involved with on the Island of San Marcos and neighboring communities.  Again another church that is participating in “Los Comedores” providing breakfast for children through the week and lunches on the weekends  for poorer communities neighboring them. These are definitely ministries we would love to support.

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First Post

The Sojourners Mission Base has been very active preparing for groups coming down to serve. We are very excited to see what the Lord will do. Currently we are participating in a week of prayer and fasting with the body of Christ from other Calvary Chapels, praying for the leaders and ministries, that the Lord’s will be accomplished through them.

The Missions House hosted our first group from Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. Four young men dedicated to learning about the Lord and serving Him, participated in some building renovations as well as serving at “Cuidad de Angeles” (City of Angels) orphanage.

It was such a blessing to see these guys serving lunch, presenting their gifts, and providing the children with attention that they often have to do without. It was amazing to see the impact these men had on these kids but even more so, how the children impacted them.

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